NEW E-BOOK: The Silent Flight of a Seagull
‘This graphic novel by Kostja Ribnik, made in the style and tradition of “personal comics”, is...
The importance of friendship: The Talbots and Modesty at the International Comics Festival in Belgrade
NEW E-BOOK: Cardboard City
'All of these stories are intimate and personal and yet they express universal truths about the nature of humankind...'
ERROR DATA: Short Stories
Željko Pahek’s Postmodern Chronicles of a burnt out robot
NEW E-BOOK: The Tempter
"Lucija and Damijan have made a really rare thing - an intelligent graphic novel with women in the lead roles."
Artist’s View: The Importance of Critical...
Opinion piece by our artist Đorđe Milović
Our New Argentinian Artist
We are proud to introduce Nicolás Perfetto, check out his short story here
COMPLEX UK meets Modesty
"The father-daughter team bringing Yugoslavian comic books to the world." - Wil Jones