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NEW E-BOOK: Cardboard City

Modesty Comics is proud to announce the launch of a new E-book containing a collection of seven short stories written by Zeljko Obrenovic, with art by four separate artists: Gasper Rus, Nemanja Radovanovic, Miroslav Slipcevic and Zeljko Vitorovic


Željko Obrenović was born in 1982, in Valjevo, Serbia. He graduated from the Department of Serbian Literature at the Faculty of Philology in Belgrade. He is the author of the novel Sludge (Booking, 2012) and co-author of the novel Serbian Psycho (Laguna, 2007) which has since been translated into Polish. He has published a large number of film and literary reviews, short stories and comics.


“All of these stories are intimate and personal and yet they express universal truths about the nature of humankind. They are full of apparent coincidences but I can state with some conviction that every instance of synchronicity is crafted with great purpose. I invite you, the reader, to explore the layers of meaning for yourself.” – David Hine, writer and comics script writer – Strange Embrace, Silent War, The Bulletproof Coffin, X-Men, Daredevil 

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“Željko Obrenović, along with a small army of illustrators, delved into something brave and their united result absolutely legitimises their efforts.”

– Kristijan, 31. jul 2016.


“Every story is like a trip to the twilight zone. At first it all seems familiar, but as the story progresses the reader becomes aware of a shift in reality that is pulling and not letting go until the very end.”

– Vladimir, 18. jul 2016.

From the Introduction of the Serbian edition:

“The evident effort of all involved, although unambiguous from the first reading, can only truly be appreciated after deep analysis, and Cartoon City is deserving of this analysis, and that trust and investment offers a multitude of rewards.”

– Pavle Zelić, writer, comics scriptwriter and critic

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