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Modesty Comics has a new E-book available – the humorous and cynical short stories of burnt out robot.

cache_2462758607Željk Pahek is a cartoonist, scriptwriter, illustrator and caricaturist from Serbia. His professional work in comics started in 1979, when he began publishing comics in all major comic magazines in Yugoslavia. Since 1988 he publishes comics with his own scenarios in magazines such as: “L’Eternauta” – Italy, “Zone 84” – Spain, “Schwermetall” – Germany, “Fluide Glacial” – France, “Ten Ten” – Belgium, “Eleftherotipia” – Greece and “Heavy Metal” – USA.

His comic “Die schwarze narbam” (“Black Scars”), dedicated to the destruction of the Berlin Wall, in the book “Durch bruch” (“Breaktrough”) from 1990 was published in 13 languages.
Since 1982, Pahek works for many publishing houses as a front page illustrator for science fiction and fantasy books by writers such as Robert Heinlein, Philip K. Dick, Arthur C. Clarke, Douglas Adams, Terry Pratchett and Tim Powers.

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In these nine short stories Pahek examines genre patterns, runs them through the focal point of his distinctive style and perspective, and reflects them through the prism of a wide range of historical, social and cultural experiences and contexts. The question is not his comprehensive knowledge of the history of human societies and their natural hinterland, followed by science and technology as well as the artistic traditions of various types, but that becomes a trigger of almost philosophical, and certainly humorous, questioning the current state of civilization and also its possible directions of further existence.

Read the first 20 pages for free HERE

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