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NEW E-BOOK: The Tempter

Modesty Comics is proud to announce the publication of our newest graphic novel: The Tempter by husband and wife dynamic duo Lucija and Damijan Stepančič.

This collections marks the start of a trilogy of stories, which occur in small towns in Slovenia. After Trbovlje, a mining town where suddenly the Tempter appears, comes Bohinj, which brings a different atmosphere with its beautiful nature and touristic potential, and Ptuj, a well-known Catholic’s pilgrimage destination. In these stories Lucija explores the potential of a peaceful province to contain something mysterious.


The following is an extract from writer Pavle Zelić’s forward to the collection:

“This truly remarkable graphic novel by Mr and Mrs Stepančič begins seemingly quite ordinary. Some young women, relatives, pretty Masha and plump Klara, who otherwise would never see each other in Ljubljana where they both live, are on their way to Trbovlje, the city in which they spent their childhood. Their grandfather, feeling that his death is at hand, wants to fulfill his last wishes and, in addition to the Armani suit in which he wants to be buried – a horror for fashion obsessed Masha, he wants his funeral orchestra to be a miner’s orchestra from Trbovlje, where he had spent his entire working life. However, this is the early part of the story, where we will be rooted for some time, believing that the world in which we are taken by Lucija and Damijan is our own world, well known and grounded in the laws which we consider possible. However, from the second page and the frame with the hand of the hitchhiker, which seems like the hand of God himself, our heroines move from their mundane existence into the sphere of the fantastical…

Damijan Stepančič, a popular Slovenian painter and illustrator of children’s books, on this occasion for the first time working on a comic book with his wife as the screenwriter, shows subtle talent that behind the ‘ugly’ figures presents emotions in combination of only two basic colors – grey and brown. Lucija’s dialogues in turn offer a range of Masha’s chattering and Klara’s truly philosophical thoughts, making this wacky story receptive to read.

Together, they made a really rare thing, an intelligent graphic novel with women in the lead roles. These women seem real and ordinary, but at the same time they expose, through their thoughts and contemplations, deep emotions and complex psychology. All this is packed in an effective combination of pictures and words that together tell a lot more than they would if they stood independently as just an illustration of the story. It is because of such accomplishments that comics art deserves the title of the ninth art, and we, who truly enjoy it, can only eagerly await new works of this powerful duo of top creative personalities.”


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