Artist’s View: The Importance of Critical Perspective


All true thinking is critique. Critique is not the same as malice, but is the ability to interpret, explain and understand, at least in the original ancient Greek sense of the word.

People today do get together, but on the basis of interest. There’s no soul in it. Soul does not fit into this trend. Emphasis is on the information, because it fits into a world based on constant growth and, therefore, superficiality. Critique, as the power to think, is not welcome today, nor art, nor philosophy. They are given through the state and the media, a special drawer, the one where the attached label reads ‘CULTURE’.


The media are given too much room, thanks to technical and technological power, and the masses are told what is good for them. The Internet is only a technologically more sophisticated methods of control, fully integrated into the modern man, so it looks like a completely natural part of a man, just like a limb. If so, where is then the place for criticism, opinion, art, poetry, soul? The world is a space-time category and the omnipresent hyper permanent tyranny facilitate and consequently repeal the man. We do not live in this world, this world lives in us and through us.


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When from beauty you take truth, it becomes empty and banal. It becomes adaptable, flexible, easily serviceable, smiling, why not? ‘Society of the Spectacle’ is Guy Debord’s society of illusion and deception. I, of course, think and therefore criticise not only the world of inverted values, but also the comics art, which, unfortunately, for the most part, is only the consequence of the world, based on the relationship of boss-labourer.

I have always looked upon comics as the art that consciously and strategically resists current trends. Critique is today more necessary than ever.

The audience does not need to be entertained by the comic book. It is not the same as television. After all, this was done for a long time through the work of American comic syndicates, and today by many so-called alternative and avant-guarde interest groups. Readers should, above all, be educated.
People usually say to me that I draw comic books for myself. I do not draw, I respond, I create and shoot comic arrows at you – into the best part of you, which is asleep.


Opinion piece by our artist Đorđe Milović