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COMPLEX UK meets Modesty

Wil Jones from Complex interviewed us about the history of comics in the Balkans, the impact of the Civil War in the 90s, what the lives of our artists are like today, how the internet has changed comics and what the future holds for Modesty and comics in general.

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“There’s far more to comic books than just superheroes. Or manga. The combination of words, pictures  makes a universal language that can cross cultures across borders.

The former Yugoslavia was a country torn apart by civil wars in the 90s. It has a great history of comic strips and art, which can help us ignorant Brits understand the country’s history— but none of this made it into the West. Until now. Modesty Comics

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is an online platform, started by Zika Tamburic, who has been collecting Yugoslavian comics for 50 years, and his daughter Tijana (who’s also an international model and journalist, obviously). Since 2013, they’ve been making obscure but amazing Eastern European comics available online. It’s a labour of love that brings us fascinating pieces of pop culture that we never knew we needed. We spoke to Zika and Tijana about what they’re doing.”

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