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PABLO: New 4-Part Graphic Biography

Paul Gravett hosted an event, as part of the Comica Festival he organises every year, at the Institut Français in London.

It was a panel discussion with the authors of the intriguing new book Pablo.


Julie Birmant, script writer, and Clément Oubrerie, artist, are the creative duo behind a four-volume graphic biography of Pablo Picasso. The book reflects on Picasso’s early life among the bohemians of Montmartre and his turbulent relationship with his model and lover Fernande. This visually stunning book shows how Picasso’s style developed in response to his friendships and rivalries and follows the artist’s career from his early days to the advent of modern art.

The authors explained they created it as a graphic novel to bring the book to life. Through the rawness of the story they hope to have done justice to Picasso, but also to to often forgotten Fernande Olivier, who they studied in depth from her autobiography and other historical sources.


The inside of Modesty’s copy bought at the event signed by both and illustrated by Clement in watercolour and pen: